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The gentlemen of the Otterburn Society have convened annually in the Northumberland village of Otterburn since 1982. Their purpose is "The perpetuation and development of the high social and moral standards and traditions enjoyed by the members". 
  • Papers are presented and debated at a conference held each November. 

  • The Journal of the Otterburn Society, is published annually in June.

  • The Wolfgang award is presented in tribute to the finest contribution.

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"Esto, loquere, bibe, caepa coronatus"

Please note that The Otterburn Society is not associated with the National Audubon Society, of New York, NY. USA

The origins of the Otterburn Society date back to the halcyon days of the eighties, when engineering was studied in the faculty of Agriculture at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and the Agricultural Society was focused on the active pursuit of hedonism.  The days of the lower bun room and the level 6 disco remain fondly in the hearts of the members.  Much has changed at the University since those days,  but the traditions of the day are maintained by a self elected elite,  who have vowed to perpetuate all that was good of those days.  The Otterburn Society.

Members of the Otterburn Society have traditionally met for their annual conference during the last weekend of November.  Members meet for drinks at the residence of the Chairman on the Friday of Otterburn,  and then enjoy a night in the party city of Newcastle upon Tyne.  Activities include gambling,  traditional night clubs, cigars and Kebabs.  Accommodation is traditionally taken in a small hotel in Jesmond.  It is a short drive to Otterburn.

A sharp frost usually awaits the arrival of members in the Northumberland village of Otterburn on the Saturday morning of their annual conference.  Soup and Sandwiches are taken at the Percy Arms.  The Percy has hosted a number of Otterburn Society conferences.  It is a short walk from the village of Otterburn to the Otterburn Tower Hotel,  preferred venue for the conference.  The first presentation is usually made before 2:30 pm.

Presentations to members of the society are made by all.  Subject matter is varied in both quality and quantity.  The climax to a member's presentation is marked by a long held tradition amongst members, the inflation of a Toggie.  Toggies are traditionally dispatched by a skilled proponent in the art of Kendo, which is usually the very honorable former laird of Fingesk, Gavin S Murray-Thriepland.

The Annual general meeting of the Society is held prior to dinner.  Champagne is traditionally served as an aperitif.   Members have enjoyed each size of bottle of Champagne, with the exceptions of the quarter (1/4 bottle),  the split (1/2 bottle) , and the Melchior (24 bottles).  The Melchior will be served in 2006.